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What We Can Do for You

Loss Prevention

Deter Thefts and Improve Profits.

Customer Experience

Full Employee Engagement and Increased Productivity.

Safety & Security

Real time interaction with the employee and protection of assets.

24/7 Surveillance

Providing 24/7 surveillance to all of your sites.

Strategic Surveillance

Strategic placement and mounting of cameras to cover all the areas with minimum impact on your pocket.

Data Analysis

Production of analytical data to provide you with busiest and slowest time for your business and more.

Customer Portal

Easy to navigate portal to be able to view daily reports and analytical data.


We alert the clients immediately in case of high severity events.


Interesting Facts

Annual loss at a site
Cities Covered
Theft Prevention
Industries We Serve

Convenience Store

Keep your employees and assets safe, and increase the productivity and profits.

Hotel Chains

Continuous surveillance for businesses that operates relentlessly throughout the year. Provide luxurious guest experience by making sure the employees follow the protocols.

Gas Stations

Monitor outside activities and don't have any loose ends and provide a comprehensive proof to the law enforcement when needed


Keep track of activities such as product theft, discount fraud, voided transactions, etc.

How We Benefit You and Your Business

Along with providing highly intelligent video analytics data; we provide data and videos incident for inventory damage, employee theft, shoplifting, etc.

You spend bare minimum time to get high insights of your business's daily activities.

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High Definition Video Evidence

HD video footage provides more image details for effective identification and forensic analysis.

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High availability and accessibilty

Backup servers to provide you with all of the video footage through our cloud services in case of onsite data damage.

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POS Integration

Employee theft, Misappropriate funds, customer complaints can be recorded and reviewed with transaction logs.

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24x7x365 surveillance

None of your sites goes unwanted by our experts even for a second with our audio and video surveillance systems.

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Employee Management

Keep an eye on all the employees' activities, ensure that all the protocols are being followed.

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Reduce Shrinkage

Shoplifting accounts for 38% of the total reduce shrinkage in retail, ranked as lot lost for retailer.

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Inventory Damage

When goods are found defective, a video footage will help to check who's responsible.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales and Reduce Damage

Improved customer service is the essential to increase sales.

Surveillance footage is a good source to audit appropriate attire, deterring theft, and proper interactions with customers.


Some of our services

Along with providing 24/7 surveillance to your site, our team make sure the employee of your stores are assisting customers and providing quality service

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