Common shoplifting beharviour

Identify 5 Common Shoplifter Behaviours

Shoplifting is a serious offense in consideration to Retail shrinkage. It is a huge loss to the retail industry every year. According to research, 27 million people in the US have committed a shoplifting offense. The most stolen items are Meat, Bread Loaf, Candies and Beer cans from the grocery stores.

Live Eye’s real time monitoring surveillance could actually be a solution to the owners, where Live Eye team will keep an eye on behavior of the customer visiting the stores and inform the cashier before any incident happens. Educating staff on suspicious behavior to prevent shoplifting is also important. Here are a few signs of a shoplifter.

1. Avoidance

Body language is a clue that some suspicious activity is going to take place. No eye contact, no interaction with the staff members, nervous behavior and fidgeting with hair and body.

2. Split Groups

Staff should watch the people or groups who enter the stores and split up. Groups like these have intentions to implement distractions.

3. Obstructed Faces and Quick Exists

To avoid being identified, some shoplifters will wear hats, scarves, or sunglasses that cover up parts of their faces. Also, It is common that thieves after stealing items try to exit the store in a hurry without interacting with the cashier and store guard.

4. Standing and Walking Style

It is often observed that the standing and walking style of thieves is opposite to that of the general public. They walk slowly in an unsteady manner as they walk into the shop. In addition, they are wearing large, heavy coats where they can easily hide under clothes or inside items

5. Examining, but no purchase

Window-shopping at times is a warning for suspicious activities. Staff should actually be alert or more conscious when these people are re-visiting. Try to find out whether; they are really window shoppers or just somebody who is keeping an eye on your store facial recognition technology is important.

Retailers can actually stop this by implementing Loss Prevention Technology or tools owners can save their business losses easily.

  • Real time Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • Advanced weapon detection
  • AI based POS systems

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